Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Terms of Service
Both the legal rights for our company and you as a client. This term of service covers all areas of FreeServers's policies and regulations. Apon signup and usage of our site you must agree to the following Terms, Policies and Regulations.

- Our Obligation -
Any bugs, missing features or faults found in software we are hosting is not the responsibility of FreeServers. Issues that disrupt your service are also not the responsibility of FreeServers. Our staff will try and fix these problems. We may occasionaly perform A needed maintenance or secuirty update. We do try to notify you in advanced, some times this is not possible. Whilst we pride our selves in our uptime, from time to time we may need to take A server down for either maintenance or upgrades on hardware or software, We also may be doing upgrades on the network. These updates are out of our hand and are in the sole responsibility of our Server Technicians & Data Centre. FreeServers is permitted to deny service to any individual or business.

- Support Guarantee -
You are allowed to install 3rd party modifications or addons to you service, FreeServers is not required to provide support with installing or configuring these. Our support staff have A broad knowledge of most of the services we host at FreeServers, Sometimes there may be an Issue that we can not fix, this is why we are not obliged to help install these mods. FreeServers as a whole does not take responsibility for their staffs actions. All services provided by FreeServers comes as unmanaged unless stated otherwise.

- Payments policy -
Our payments policy defines your rights regarding all payments to FreeServers. In the case of your services causing unforeseen costs to FreeServers, for example due to excessive bandwidth usage, these costs might be charged to you. Payments should be made using your home connection without anything in between the connection (including but not limited to VPNs and proxies) The payment account and/or creditcard used for payment must be owned by you. If it belongs to someone else, he/she should donate to your account instead.

- Refund Policy -
Please choose carefully. We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. A full refund or exchange will be provided where service's are faulty, have been wrongly described, or are different to the product purchased on the website. 7 Days money back Guarantee is offered where applicable. If you request A cancellation beyond your money back guarantee you will then not be refunded under any circumstances. If your account is cancelled or suspended by our management , we are not then obliged to give you a refund.

- Webhosting policy -
These are rules that apply to our webhosting services, breaking any of them might result in your account and services being suspended without any right on a refund. You are not allowed to run standalone processes such as (but not limited to) IRC bots, gameservers, spiders or crawlers. You must keep your diskspace below the limit you've ordered, going over it will first result in a warning, but not resolving the issue within a timely matter might result in us deleting files to get your space within the limits again. Like the name suggests, webhosting is meant to host websites. You are not allowed to use it for any other purpose. Your files, data and content have to be in compliance with the laws of your the location of your webhosting.

- Service Policy -
Any files found hosted on your service are therefore yours and are not the responsibility of FreeServers. If these files breach the ToS then your account maybe suspended or cancelled under the discretion of FreeServers Management. You may ask assistance from FreeServers staff , although we are not obliged to respond or help. Any illegal files such as " Pornographic Material " found on your service, may lead in a cancellation of your service and maybe passed on to the appropriate authorities.

FreeServers reserves the right to terminate client account/services at any time without a refund. Reasons for termination include, but are not limited to:

  • All types of spamming (including mailing, search engine spam etc.).
  • Denial-of-service attacks (DoS/DDOS attacks).
  • Torrent.
  • Cryptocurrency mining on virtual servers.
  • Illegal copyrighted material (DMCA).
  • Port/network scanning, brute forcing, IP spoofing etc.
  • Phishing or scam websites, hacking (including if server was hacked).
  • Distributing malware.
  • Any type of botnets.
  • Blacklisting IPs in public blacklists and/or decreasing IP reputation.
  • Any other activity which breaks EU/USA/AU laws.

- Miscellaneous -
This covers anything which can't be defined by the above policies. FreeServers holds the right to change these terms of service at any time without prior notice. All the times and dates on our site are in the +8:00 timezone. You are not allowed to leave any reviews regarding FreeServers with things not based upon the truth. You are not allowed to share your password, let anyone else access your account, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account. You are not allowed to transfer your account to anyone without first getting our written permission. You are required to use valid personal details in your account and keeps those up to date at all times. You need a decent amount of English knowledge since our website, control panel and support are in English only. This part is for sales reps only -FreeServers Client information is private and should be treated as such. Any info that you receive about the clients will be for your eyes only. Anybody caught using this information can be prosecuted. -No foul language!! -Clients are to be treated with respect even if they are being a pain or trolling. No getting into arguments on our chat system admins will check over all chats. -No using FreeServers live chat for anything other than selling servers period! -No trolling other servers for advertising come up with ways to advertise without interfering with other people. -No posting in forums without consent from the board moderators! - Live chat reps must be over 17. -Sales reps will have access to live chat to sell all of FreeServers services you will receive a code to hand out to people so the sale will go to your account. -Money made from commissions will be sent out when requested in your account. -No offering support if a client needs a support staff transfer them to a support member on live chat. If no support staff is online ask them to send in a support ticket. -You must read over all of FreeServers website and keep your knowledge of FreeServers services up to date. -Administrators will always check over every chat made!